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Virtual Office, Meeting Rooms Rental, Business Lounge and conference center at the disposal of our members for the greatest presence at the very earth of the EU insitutions.


Focused in ethic, environmental and societal press communication we are the very best partner of minded CSR departments and actors of a sustainable economy.


From strategy & Innovation brainstorming to product-to-market communication campaign, E&S Eurocenter dedicated team of experts clear the path to a greater and sustainable economy.


Monthly thematic conferences and a social event make our space a hot spot of creativity, entertainment, networking and innovation in the European decisional center.



The Global Water Shower Challenge


The European Association for a minded consumption


Association Européenne des métiers d’excellence .

Agriculture & forestry global challenges

Balanced demographic distribution, migratory flows, cities food self-sufficcency, and protection of the environment are some of key challenges to be taken by the agriculture of tomorrow.

e-mobility transition framework

Private-public cooperation framework for a time and cost-efficient transition toward electrical mobility.

Plastic waste erasement multi-level solutions

A journey through the latest  innovations in Plastic waste collection and plastic substitution shows the path for sustainability and the commitments required for its achievement.

Preventive medicine perspectives

AI, Big Data, Robotics, Genotype and microbiota….new tools raising new perspectives for  efficient private and public health strategies based on  a preventive medicine approach.

Minded consumption social & environmental impact

Purchases and minded consumption to become a new public influence force and a new approach of direct democracy.

Our team

Alexis Franck


Strategy & Innovation

Marie-France Vodikulwakidi


PR & Communication

Estelle De Nijs


Graphic Designer

Pascal Van Den Driessche


Digital Communication

Kyan Kanbendji


IT Business

Janina Muenker



Amine Laroussi


CRM Solutions

Who we are

We look forward supporting and advocating the best initiatives and innovations for a sustainable and ethic economy.

E&S Eurocenter proposes high-standard facilities at the core of EU institutions, and an integrated set of services dedicated to Ethic & Sustainable business development in Europe. We focus in providing NGOs, local authorities, institutions and private companies being active in environmental, societal and/or ethic issues, the best communication, networking, funding, advocacy and business development platform. We remain convinced that actors of an ethic and sustainable society are much stronger when they gathered their forces and skills, and that CSR actions deserve dedicated communication leverage.

E&S Eurocenter is registered to the EU Transparency Register.

  • • Ethic 100%
  • • Sustainability Focused 90%
  • • Creativity 90%
  • • Innovation 80%

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