A growing number of European companies concerned about their social responsibility, have embarked on or are embarking on a responsible production approach. This can be done on an ecological, social and / or economic level.

It is important for these actors of change towards a sustainable society, that their action is being perceived by the civil society and that emulation takes place between reasoned consumers and responsible producers.

The TEAMC is positioned at the European crossroads of consumption, production and governance for reasoned consumption.

The TEAMC acts as a sustainable production advocacy group with regional and European governments,

The TEAMC acts as a consumer sensitizer to sustainable production,

The TEAMC acts as a sensitizer of the consumers to the rational consumption,

The TEAMC acts as a support for sustainable enterprises and seeks to highlight the actions undertaken by them.

The TEAMC promotes the exchange and harmonization of actions for sustainable development undertaken by the business world, civil society and the European governing bodies.



Support its members in their approach towards a more responsible production through management of  meetings, conferences, and thematic sessions.

Measure, understand and optimize the impact of ethical and sustainable approaches on the end consumer.

Acting on a European scale, as a point of intersection and a platform for exchange between responsible production and responsible consumption, so that each party acts as an emulator of the other and creates a virtuous dynamic between production and consumption

To raise the awareness of European legislation bodies of the importance of educating consumers and making them aware of an ethical and sustainable approach in their purchases and to support them in this direction.

Raise awareness among European economic regulatory bodies of the importance of supporting businesses in their steps towards more responsible production and support them in this direction.

Sensitize consumers to the responsible steps of its members.


What is minded consumption?

If a definition of responsible consumption were to be given, it would be a consumption that meets at least one or more of the following criteria:

Consumption of greener products, or depending on their impact on the environment:

– products from certified sectors that respect the environment or biodiversity

– products with a low carbon footprint

– organic products

– products that preserve the quality of soil, water and air and generally prevent pollution, deforestation and the depletion of natural resources:

Consumption of products according to their respect for social norms and their impact on societies

– products made in good working conditions (no child labor, respect of working hours and international conventions)

– products manufactured in compliance with ethical standards (especially corruption)

– products made in cooperation with local communities, respecting their lifestyles (such as fair trade)

Consumption of “healthier” products, respecting health standards

– products without phthalates, without bisphenol, without toxic products or deemed dangerous:

– products without pesticides or without chemical inputs

– products manufactured in accordance with hygiene standards

– food products with a healthier nutritional composition

Consumption of products with a positive economic impact:

– products manufactured locally, via short circuits

– productions that encourage the economic autonomy of their producers (as opposed to reliance on commercial or industrial systems such as supermarkets)

– products creating more employment, economic and social integration for workers,

– productions promoting the quality of work life of employees

The consumption of products manufactured under conditions respecting certain ethical or moral principles:

– respect for animal welfare

– respect for fairness, individual freedoms

any other principle contributing to the development of the general interest



Stakeholders Typology:

European companies that have undertaken, undertake or wish to undertake a move towards sustainable production,

Associated partners:

Consumer associations,

Non-governmental organizations,

First Partners: