Plastic Waste Erasement Multi-Level Solutions
A journey through the latest  innovations in Plastic waste collection and plastic substitution shows the path for sustainability and the commitments required for its achievement.

Period: Feb 2018 – December 2018  Dates: To be defined

Pitch – Description:

Plastic waste issues must be approached with a holistic perspective.

From Plastic waste collection on oceans, beaches, local communities and households to industries and FCMG good practices, from the exploration of the latest innovations on plastic bio-substitutes, to the benefits of a plastic compensation branding, the great societal challenge of plastic waste erasement requires vision and commitments on various levels.

With this conferences and brainstorming meetings cycle, E&S Eurocenter intends to gather key stakeholders to highlights current structural consequences of plastic use, and opportunities of improvement through tech innovations, communities’ engagement, sensitization on personal behavior and corporate social responsibility.

Meetings and conferences Sub-topics:

  • Cleaning of the Oceans
  • Communities engagement: Statistics, benefits, incentives, good practices
  • Tech Innovation: Plastic bio-degradation, Plastic bio-substitutes, packaging innovations – Business development opportunities.
  • Corporate social responsibility: Local community support, Tourism benefits over clean shores and landscapes, plastic compensation corporate policies.


Stakeholders typology:

  • NGO
  • Tech innovators in:
    • Plastic waste collection
    • Bio-plastic substitutes
    • packaging
    • Distribution
  • Local governments
  • FCMG majors
  • Tour operators
  • Hotel Chains